Easy Window Replacements By Yourself

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In the world of today’s economy many people are looking at various ways of saving money on their electrical costs. One of the best ways to do this is through replacing those old and worn out windows. This may seem like a very daunting and difficult task for you to undergo but knowing a few simple steps can actually make it quite simple. A lot of the windows today come already pre-hung inside their very own casings; all you have to do is pop it into the old windows hole. The most difficult process of this whole process is making sure that you take proper measurements and the removal of your old, worn out window. You also need to be sure that you do not remove those old windows until you are completely ready to install the new ones.

The first step in your window replacement do it yourself project is to take measurements. You need to make sure that you measure and order your new windows through a height and width measurement which is based from the window jamb. The window jamb is basically defined as the flat part that the window sashes butt up against. You will need to find the width figure by using the following steps: first you will need to measure between the two jambs at three different spots-the top, middle, and the bottom. Once you have this figure you are going to want to subtract ¼ inch from the smallest measurements of the three above. You will need to do the same for the height measurement by taking it from the bottom just behind the sill and the top where you see that the upper stash stops. Then you basically have to follow the basic steps that you did above.

The next step in your window replacement project is to be sure that you measure your new windows when they arrive to make sure that you got the proper measurements. Failure to follow this step can result in a bad fit in your existing window hole. Once you have done this you will want to use a hammer and flat bar to remove the narrow front piece of stop trim that you will see borders the inside of your old window on both the sides and top. You need to be sure that you take the time to remove this trim carefully because you will be putting it back on at the end of the project. Once you have all of the trim completely removed you will be able to remove the sash without too much of a problem.

If you have the older style windows that still have the rope weights you will also be sure that you cut that out as well. You can let this weight fall into your wall without causing any major problems. You will now need to remove the narrow vertical dividing strip that is located by the upper sash and then carefully remove the sash itself. You need to be sure that you do not remove the bottom trim as it will be the trim that will hold your new window into place.

Once you have your old window completely removed you are then ready to move on to the final step of installing your new windows. You will begin by setting the bottom of your window in the opening making sure that it is resting just beyond the sill. You can use wood shims to make your new window both plumb with the original opening as well as level. Take mounting screws and screw them into the wholes that are provided on the window jamb of your new window. Once you have done this you need to be sure that you stick foam or insulation into any holes that you see then place your trim back on. Once you are completely done you need to be sure to caulk completely around the whole window to prevent any air leaks.

As you can see do it yourself window replacements are fairly easy to do. They are also a great way to save money on your future electrical bills.

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