Etsy is Great for a DIY Craft Lover!

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Do you find yourself thinking of ways you might make money online? If you have a talent for creating craft items, Etsy could be the perfect meeting of your talents and your desire to make some extra cash. My friend has a passion for making jewelry. She was able to transform her passion into a steady source of income. She started out making jewelry for friends and family. Then one day at the mall, a woman asked where my friend had bought her necklace.

She told the woman she’d made it herself, and the woman offered cash on the spot to buy the necklace. My friend knew she could make another one just like it, so she gladly handed it over. A few weeks later, another woman asked about a bracelet my friend was wearing. This woman told my friend about Etsy. That evening, my friend sat down and spent some time at the Etsy website. Figuring that she had nothing to lose, she listed a few pieces of jewelry she had on hand. She did not realize what an enormous impact these few listings would have on her life. Thanks to Etsy, she was able to start her business.

Eventually, she was able to quit her job and focus on the business. If you have a penchant for crafts, Etsy is the perfect marketplace for them. The site offers jewelry, purses, ceramics, woodwork, quilts, beads and more. Because the items are all handcrafted, the selection is unlike anything you’ll see in a store. The opportunity to shop for unique items draws buyers from near and far. The site is user friendly, too, and doesn’t require a degree in rocket science to list your items. Etsy is the perfect marketplace for artists, designers and crafters.

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