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Every trade or craft has its own safety rules. Safety rules are simply common sense. They are intended to keep people from hurting themselves. Because home maintenance and repair people work with many different types of tools and materials, they need to know how to prevent accidents more than anyone else. Always remember:

• Tools will cut, stab, or hurt people only if they are handled carelessly

• Power tools must always be turned off when not in use

• Tools not in use should be put away

• Tools in bad condition may cause accidents

• Electricity is invisible. Assume it is present in every wire unless you have turned it off yourself and checked to make sure it is off

• Strange odors from chemicals or paint can injure and kill people

• Many cleaners and paint thinners will explode if exposed to fire or extreme heat

• Goggles protect eyes from chips thrown by tools

• Open flames must be turned off when not in use

• Neatness prevents accidents of all kinds

A number of tools are necessary for good repair work. Proper use of tools makes the work neater and more professional looking. Improper use of tools causes more accidents and injuries than any other kind of carelessness.

The basic safety rules for using any hand tools are:

• Use the right tool for the job

• Never. use dull cutting tools

• Keep/tools repaired

• Turn off electrical tools when not in use

• Make sure work being drilled or cut is properly clamped

Safety equipment such as goggles for eye protection and insulated gloves for working with hot objects like soldered tubing should be kept handy.

The most important safety rule to remember is to use common sense and think ahead. Don’t unscrew a water pipe unless the water pressure is turned off. Cold water may ruin the house. Hot water may ruin you. Gas pipes are even more dangerous.

Keep in mind that a saw that will cut a four by four oak post can also cut off a finger. Flames used to melt lead will cook a careless hand. Something that dissolves paint may also dissolve skin!

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