Our Favorite HGTV DIY Shows

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Painting the living room or laying down a new tile floor in the bath may appear simple, but the reality is that it’s not nearly as easy as it looks. This is where home improvement TV shows have carved out a terrific niche. These programs offer detailed instruction on how to accomplish these tasks correctly. They also shed light on common mistakes and dish up advice on how to avoid the same pitfalls.

For larger endeavors in the area of home improvement, shows like “Holmes Homes” on HGTV are incredibly helpful. ”Divine Design” lays out great tips for smaller decorating projects and things like painting. The DIY network offers an array of programming, much of which is geared to specific projects. Even better, a lot of cable providers now offer these programs “on demand” so you can zero in on just the right show for your planned project. When you sit down to watch one of these “how to” shows, have a notebook and pen nearby. Jot notes on tools, products, recommended brands and, most importantly, the instructions. Skipping even the smallest detail could have a negative affect on the project’s outcome. When watching these programs, remember: TiVo or DVR is your partner. Having the ability to pause the program or rewind lets you make sure you have all the necessary details.

Further, HGTV, DIY Network and similar channels have Websites that offer even more details about the projects seen on TV. Be sure to make the most of this resource. In the past, TV has served mostly as a form of entertainment. Today, thanks to great programming and added technology, you can watch and learn, and take on a project without hiring a contractor.

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