Popular Home Improvement TV Shows

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If you are planning to work on a home improvement project but are at a loss on where to start, you might want to consider watching some home improvement TV shows. These shows are becoming more and more popular because of the valuable information, tips and tricks that viewers can pick up from watching them. As a matter of fact, some of these shows are selling DVDs with their episodes that homeowners and designers could buy to get some home improvement project and design ideas from.

There is a wide variety of home improvement TV shows that can give you plenty of tips on home improvement, organization, interior decorating, gardening and landscaping and home repair. There are also some which show arts and crafts projects and home makeovers.

Here are some of the more popular home improvement TV shows today.

1. Clean House

Hosted by Niecy Nash, this home improvement TV show helps individuals and families who are in need of a home makeover and reorganization. The show basically brings in a group of interior designers and organizers to work on the home. They first decide which items and furniture in the house to get rid of and then sell them in a yard sale. From the money earned, the crew works on different home improvement projects from adding storage spaces to painting walls to installing new flooring. Clean House is an excellent show to watch if you have been wanting to get rid of the clutter in your home and if you need some simple and inexpensive design ideas which can improve the functionality and appearance of your home.

2. Home Made Simple

Debuting in 2006, Home Made Simple is a home improvement TV show that is hosted by the Home Mavens. They help families from all over to come up with simple solutions to improve their homes from talking handyman projects to room organization to interior decorating to creating easy meals for the family. It is a show that any homeowner or home renter would be able to pick up plenty of ideas and expert tips from.

3. Take Home Handyman

This is a home improvement TV show on TLC which is hosted by Andrew Dan-Jumbo, a craftsman, carpenter and a handyman. At the beginning of each episode, Andrew approaches a Home Depot customer and offers his services to help them complete any home improvement project that they are working on or are planning to work on. Aside from the main project, Andrew also works on small additional projects around the home. The good thing about this show is that viewers can easily understand and follow the steps done by Andrew so that they can do it in their own homes as well.

Some of the other home improvement TV shows would include Trading Spaces, Holmes on Homes, Design Start, Mission: Organization, I Want That!, Designed to Sell, Designers’ Challenge and Decorating with Style.

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