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When space becomes cramped at home, it is not always necessary to move to a larger house to solve the problem. Often, more usable space can be arranged using the resources already at your disposal – and usually at a much lower cost and less frustrating than that of moving.

There are several ways in which you can gain a substantial amount of extra living space in your home – from simply partitioning off larger rooms to making two or more smaller rooms, opening up under-stair areas, or removing a wall to enlarge a room to converting attic space and building a single-storey, ground floor extension.

Room divisions, and very often attic conversions, can be carried out without the need for filing with your local building department, but a permit may be required to build a separate extension. As local laws can vary considerably in different locations, it is always best to check first with your local building code.

The size of a room, its shape, and the number of rooms you have can each present particular problems – a growing family may mean you could do with more bedrooms, or an additional bathroom to ease that early morning traffic jam, perhaps even separate dens for the older and younger elements of the family. Many people have also to look after elderly or infirm relatives, in which case an extra powder room or bathroom and bedroom can be very useful if not a full-scale extension.

Extra rooms can be provided by partitioning off larger ones with wood-framed walls complete with access doors. In the same way, large open-plan rooms can be divided into smaller, cozier rooms if that is what you prefer. In the latter case, a partial or half-height partition would provide an effective division between, say, the dining and living areas of a room while retaining the spacious, airy feel of an open-plan layout.

Using similar skills, you can improve the light of gloomy rooms by installing larger windows and, perhaps, even more than one.

Converting an attic to provide extra living space may be the answer to solving the needs of a growing family and their interests. It will obviously involve more expense than a simple room division, (particularly if you need to install a window and staircase) but it is worth remembering that such a conversion will add greatly to the overall value of your house.

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