Top 10 Tackiest DIY Design Projects

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10. Self-Designing a Room –With all Matching Furniture

When you purchase a complete bedroom furnishing set, your house will start looking like it’s a showroom. In addition to being boring, and extremely visually hefty, it’s an indication that you do not care about an individual sense of fashion since you have let others perform your decorating job, by letting some place such as a furniture store create it for you. Read more…

Etsy is Great for a DIY Craft Lover!

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Do you find yourself thinking of ways you might make money online? If you have a talent for creating craft items, Etsy could be the perfect meeting of your talents and your desire to make some extra cash. My friend has a passion for making jewelry. She was able to transform her passion into a steady source of income. She started out making jewelry for friends and family. Then one day at the mall, a woman asked where my friend had bought her necklace. Read more…

Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Do In A Day

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Homeowners are always planning to work on home improvement projects to enhance their homes. However, most people are usually hesitant to start working on one because they think that they would need to work on it for a couple of days or even a week. If you are one of these people who lead a busy lifestyle, there is no need to completely give up on the idea of working on a home improvement project. This is because there are actually plenty of projects which can be completed in just one day. Here are some easy home improvement projects and ideas that you can try.

The first easy home improvement project would be updating lighting fixtures. Before installing a new fixture, you may want to assess the theme or the existing design of the room or space where you would be installing it in. This is needed so that you would be able to choose a fixture which would complement the existing décor or accentuate a certain area. You might also want to replace your existing lights with energy-efficient bulbs to save on your future energy costs. Installing or updating lighting fixtures can easily enhance the theme or design and dramatically change the mood of a room or space and can be done within just an hour or two.

Working on your yard and garden is another easy home improvement project which can be done within a day. You might want to turn a corner of your yard into a place where you can relax through setting up new outdoor benches and planting some bamboo plants. You could even get one of those miniature outdoor ponds or waterfalls which are powered by a small motor and provides soothing sounds of water in motion. These are readily available from most stores selling home building and gardening supplies. You can also add new plants and seedlings as install some outdoor lights to enhance the look of your garden.

Lastly, another easy home improvement project that you can do would be fixing any corroded or leaky water fixtures. These are not very difficult to replace and can be done within just a couple of hours, depending on the number of faucets you have in your home. You can search for the procedure online and you should be able to do it on your own. Changing your faucets or repairing them can greatly improve the look of your kitchen or bathroom while ensuring that you would not be wasting water because of any leaks.

The Benefits of Doing Home Improvements

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A lot of homeowners today who feel that they need a bigger space or a home which feels more like “home” no longer choose to move to a another house. This is because many contractors say that instead of moving, it would be better to try improving – your existing home, that is. This is the reason why home improvements have become more and more popular in recent years. Here are some of the benefits of doing home improvements.

First off, home improvements could significantly increase the value of your home. If you are planning to sell your home anytime soon, remodeling some rooms or your entire home could ensure that you would be able to get top dollar for your property. However, you need to make sure that the home improvement project that you would be doing would yield a good profit. This is because there are some projects which could give you just a minimal increase or even decrease the value of your home such as installing a swimming pool. It would be best to consult a real estate broker or a contractor to get a better idea of which home improvements could give you the highest payback.

A home improvement project can also make your home a lot more attractive and stylish. One particular project that could accomplish this would be redecorating or enhancing the design of your home’s interior. This could be painting a new color on your walls or removing and adding new fixtures and décor to create an entirely new design theme. For instance, if you have always been interested in living in an oriental-themed home, you can try to install dramatic lighting fixtures such as Japanese lamps and place some Japanese-inspired furniture and bamboo plants around the house. You can simply choose which style or theme to go for and you would be able to enhance the appearance and design of your home.

Home improvements can also make your home more functional. From adding a new room to constructing a new cabinet system in your kitchen, you can maximize the space that you have. Aside from this, there are also some home improvement projects which can increase the security of your home such as installing alarm systems, motion detectors and other safety features.

They can also transform your home into a warm and welcoming space for your relatives and friends who visit. Many home improvement projects are aimed at turning your home or a room of your home into a space where you can entertain guests and bond with friends and family.

These are just some of the benefits of having home improvements. If you are planning to renovate or remodel your home, you can start by determining your main purpose for the home improvement project. From there, you can list down your own ideas or you can search online to get inspirations on designs and materials that you can use. Through working on a home improvement project or two, you would surely be able to make your home more livable and valuable for you and your family.

Making the most of space — Japanese-style living

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The Japanese have made an art of living in small spaces, using sliding screens and doors to make their living spaces highly versatile. Sliding partitions can also play a part in saving space in Western households. We have already recognized the value of the futon, and have adopted it as a good-looking means of providing seating during the day and bedding at night. Japanese rooms are low as well as small, so much so that you can often reach up and touch the ceiling. They are mostly absolutely square, with perhaps one recess in the best room.

Rooms are divided by sliding partitions or screens consisting of lightweight frames covered with rice paper to let the light through. In a traditional Japanese house the futons are stored in a cupboard during the day, since the Japanese kneel rather than sit and would have no use for a sofa.

Screens in Western homes do not have to be sliding or fitted. Folding screens have been used for centuries to keep out drafts, to provide an element of privacy while people were dressing and as a psychological division between one part of a room and another. Recently they have begun to be popular again. In a room in which several activities take place at the same time, a screen can be used to separate the kitchen-dining area, say, from the main living area. Folding screens can be covered in woven tapestry fabric or in decoupage. You could also use lace or anything else you think would look good.

Japanese-type shoji screens can be bought in shops specializing in futons and other Japanese furniture, but they are very simple to make yourself. Use them to cover untidy shelving, to screen a window with an ugly view or as room-dividers. Venetian blinds can also be used to divide a room, but are pulled up rather than folded vertically.

Power Tools

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When you need a job done right, you consult the professionals. But where do the professionals go when they need the right tools for the job? If the rest of us could latch onto that secret, then any do-it-yourself renovations or redecorating would become a breeze.

The answer is surprisingly simple however, for there’s no job too big or too small for the internet. The what!?! That’s right, the internet, as many reputable power tool stockists and innovators have launched their business directly online. This means around the clock shopping and savings as these companies offer significant price reductions on power and hand tools for your home and garden.

Whatever Black & Decker tool or Trend tool you need to complete your home improvement handy work, you’re bound to find it online. Through the internet, amateur D.I.Y weekend punters and the big bosses of commercial construction sites are able to shop to their heart’s and tool shed’s are content.

Shop around until you find the price and advice that suits your anticipated project and never go wanting again! Stock up your tool shed with reputable power tools and power tool accessories, and rest assured that you are paying the lowest price for the highest quality. Forget about trying to transport bulky, heavy or unwieldy tools from the hardware store – order online securely and have your purchase delivered to your door. Ultimately it gives you an assurance of a reduced work time, and that means more time for you to plan your project, or just put your feet up and enjoy your extra leisure time!

Building a picnic table

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Building a picnic table is a hefty project. Here are some tips that will help you to build something both you and your family can enjoy.

Prep tips:

1) Placement.

Stand in the area where you think you will be placing the picnic table and think about which size and shape will work best with your yard or patio and your family size. A family of four will need a different table than a family of six.

2) Size and shape.

Do you want the normal rectangular table or do you want an octagon shape? How much sun does the space get and do you need to design a table that can hold an umbrella for shade? Will you be using your outdoor eating area for entertaining? How do you plan on accommodating guests?

3) Find a design or create one.

There are many very intricate start-to-finish details of building a picnic table but once you know the size and shape you want, you can hit the design books. Don’t forget about the internet. There are several designs available online.

If your space and family need something more creative than what is available in design books, you can try designing your own. However, review various professionally designed tables to ensure you are incorporating all the necessary elements.

Construction tips:

1) Cedar is an excellent wood for use outdoors. It is not just for closets. The oil inside cedar helps it stand up to the elements and the wood is beautiful with a nice even grain. If you include some pieces of aromatic cedar, you will also experience built-in pest control.

2) Lumber. Some designs call for the table to be made out of 2×4 pieces of lumber. 2X4 pieces of lumber work well for the support structure but 2X6 pieces seem to work better for the top and/or seating. Do not use anything smaller than 2X4.

3) Work outside. Unless you have a very large workshop, you may want to consider working on this project outside. You will need a good amount of space for cutting the long pieces of wood and for assembly. Make sure you check your weather report before beginning.

4) Use decking screws for the top and carriage bolts for the supports. Some designs call for nails to be used on the top and seating. Screws, however, work better in the event a board should get damaged and need to be replaced.

5) Paint, stain or varnish. Even beautiful cedar needs a protective coat. Most paints and stains, even outdoor ones, will fade with sun exposure. Using a varnish that will bring out the natural beauty of the wood will work better. Make sure you pick a tough varnish that can stand up to the elements and apply it properly. Marine varnish, sometimes called spar varnish, is an excellent choice for a picnic table.

If the varnish you use contains linseed oil, make sure you properly dispose of any soaked rags to avoid potential problems. As linseed oil dries, it oxidizes. As it oxidizes, it will generate heat and may cause wadded rags and towels to spontaneously combust.

As always, use diligence when dealing with any power tools. Always follow proper safety procedures including eye protection and hearing protection. If you properly build your own picnic table, it should outlast commercially available tables by years.