The importance of lighting in your home

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It’s one thing to know that good lighting is important in a home but quite another to achieve it. Lighting can be a very technical subject beset with jargon of lumen and wattage, up lighters and down lighters, the confusion of the innumerable types of light bulbs available and the difficulty of finding light fittings which please and do the right job.

But good lighting without the jargon is perfectly possible if you identify what you need it to do and then go and find lamps which do it. There is a short glossary to help you understand the most commonly used lighting terms.

Basically you need three types of lighting in the home. The first is ‘general’ lighting, which enables you to see your way around safely and comfortably; the second is ‘task’ lighting, for reading and working by, and that includes cooking, sewing, homework, paperwork, woodwork, model making and so on; the third is ‘highlighting’, which is used to light up sculptures, paintings, flower arrangements or any other aspect of your home you wish to make a feature of.

There is a fourth category and that is ‘mood’ lighting, whose purpose is to create pools of soft light which help provide an atmosphere of comfort and encourage relaxation and a feeling of calm. Lighting has much more influence psychologically than many people realize, but if you choose the first three types of lighting carefully they should in themselves be able to provide mood lighting at the same time as doing their other specific jobs.

There are various different ways in which to achieve these kinds of lighting and a tour of the home will demonstrate them.

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